Thursday, 18 January 2018

Anthony O - 28mm Pulp Miniatures Chinese Gangsters (150 points)

I have been wanting to build a Chinese force for playing in Bolt Action for some time and I have finally made a start. This force is somewhat inspired by the IP man movie and the events themed around the Battle of Shanghai. Some of my research seemed to indicate that the Green Gang, a large criminal group in Shanghai, had a mutually beneficial agreement with the Nationalist government during the 20's and 30's. This agreement saw the Green Gang provide support to the Nationalists against the Communists and then the Japanese during the battle of Shanghai, to what extent I am not sure but it is enough for me to build a force around.

As far as a narrative for this army the history books say that the KMT Nationalists basically hired the Green Gang to break up Communist meetings and fight in the civil war. The Green Gang also provided financial support to the KMT from the profits of the heroin trade. This force will essentially include a lot of gang members who have been told to fight the Japanese and supplement the KMT Regular forces during the Battle of Shanghai. I imagine them ambushing Japanese patrols and disrupting supply lines through quick strikes during darkness.

I sourced the miniatures from the Pulp Figures range, unfortunately they have been withdrawn by Bob Murch to be refreshed and the only source now is Crucible Crush Productions. While they are pretty good some of them look a bit tired and I can see why Bob is redoing the range.
I will be going to Cobblestone Miniatures for the rest of the range as the have some great Nationalist soldiers and some other characters I can use to continue to build up this army.

All up there is 30 28mm troops coming to 150 points.

One of the joys of the AHPC for me is that I get to see things related to conflicts or figures ranges that I have absolutely no knowledge of and this absolutely ticks both boxes!  A criminal gang, supporting the Government, represented by a fantastic set of figures chock full of character.

I do like the Pulp Figures range as every character seems sculpted with a sense of fun and you've really brought these to life with the expressive skin tones I've come to expect and the clothes are bright enough to pop but not over the top.

I do like the basing too, looks like a right good mix of ingredients in there and it helps frame the figures.

150 points very much earned!

From KenR : 28mm WW1 Ox Bucks Lt Infantry (190 points)

School Photo "Stop messing about at the back Perkins"
The latest entry from me is this full battalion of British Infantry for my WW1 Mesopotamia collection, my apologies for the random appearance of other figures in the back ground there is a game on going in the background and the game table doubles as the photo studio.

HQ and MG Section
I have based the unit on the 1st Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, one of the key British units in the conflict.  The Mesopotamia Campaign can be divided into three sections, the initial advance through Basra towards Bagdad which fell short at the Battle of Ctesphion. Then the second phase, the British retreat to Kut Al Amara and the subsequent siege and attempts at relief before the final stage where the British and Empire troops reinforced, trained and drove North again this time capturing Bagdad.

A Company with some random Turkish Infantry in the background
The Ox Bucks were one of the few British Battalions in the initial drive, British units were brigaded with 3 other battalions, made up of Indian or Gurkha troops. They ended up trapped in Kut during the siege and were either killed or taken prisoner. The unit was reformed in theatre in 1917 around a cadre of around 250 reinforcements who had been en route to the area when the battalion was destroyed.

B Company
The figures themselves are from the 28mm Woodbine Design Company which is an off shoot of Gripping Beast. With this unit I have deliberately gone for a non uniform look reflecting a unit that has been on campaign for a long time. So you will see all range of headgear, service shirts, shorts, trousers etc in the unit to reflect that.

I plan to use the unit as an under strength battalion with 6 Fig companies early in the war, and add the 2 Fig Lewis Gun Teams in for later period games.

C Company
D Company
So points wise there are 2 HQ Figs and four companies of 8 Figures plus 3 MG figures for a total of 37 Figures @5pts plus 10 for the MG crew served weapon for 195 points.

I was hoping for two entries this week but have got side tracked with my BFG bonus round entry, however next up in the main challenge will be some more WW2 Desert vehicles.

What an absolutely smashing set of figures!  I do like the little history lesson and have to feel sorry for the poor chaps trapped in Kut.
I do like the non-uniform look that you mention, it certainly looks realistic and I'm sure is representative of what would have happened.  The basing is also very well done and really puts the chaps in the right theatre.
I'm going to be a little pedantic and reduce the score for the MG - it is crew served but as it's only as large as a 28mm figure I'll score it as such to be consistent with how I've scored mortars and the like previously.  Nonetheless a very creditable 190 points to keep you hurtling towards your total!

From NickJ - AoS Horrors & One Kairic Acolyte (55 points)

Once Upon a Plan.....

Someone famous once said that they love it when a plan comes together. Whatever you do never invite them round to my place; plans have a habit of being perfectly formed on the way in through the front door and then quickly unravelling when they come up against the immovable force that is my worst enemy... namely me!

Yes that's right. My nemesis is me. Or to be more precise my inability to decide upon a paint scheme for a unit wearing hardly any clothes has been driving me absolutely potty for the last couple of weeks.

How hard can it be to decide upon a tunic colour I hear you ask? Ask my paint brush after the 8th different colour was applied...! 8. Let that sink in.

In the end I managed a single test figure for the unit. The other 19 not so much. Would you like to see the results of marathon procrastination? Ok then here is my sole Kairic Acolyte who represents the Chaos God of Tzeentch - and yes GW have been raiding their Egyptian themes for these boys.

Am I completely happy with the results - not 100% but I am not painting that dang tunic again!! To be honest I'm 99% happy with him and am now hard at work trying to get the rest of his mates sorted for next Thursday.

So is that it then? Er, no actually. One lesson I learned from my first Challenge last year was to always have a back up unit ready to paint if the original plan falls to pieces. Something quick and easy.

Here then is the first half of my Brimstone Horrors Tzeentch Daemon unit.

They're a fun little unit of very small flaming daemons. In the end due to time constraints I opted for a very simple wash scheme using 3 different washes. The bases actually took me longer than the figures!
The pictures have washed them out a little as they're somewhat more orange/red in reality but hey ho!

In game you can either start these on the table or you can field a unit of Pink Horrors and when one of those dies it turns into two Blue Horrors and when one of those dies it turns into two Brimstone Horrors (1 base). So yes they can take a fair bit of killing... no doubt Jamie is looking forward to these popping up!

I decided not to paint the details. Mainly due to time but also because they are half the size of normal AoS figures so the detail will be lost at tabletop height and instead it'll just be a sea of flame!

For scoring purposes the Brimstones are 28mm scale but only 15mm in height so I reckon 20 * 2 points = 40
And the Kairic is a standard 28mm figure so a nice cool 5 points. I suspect trying to claim more points for the extra layers of paints is going to fall on deaf ears... :-)

Next week: I really, really hope the other 19 Kairic Acolytes will be making an appearance!

Ah, painting procrastination.  I comfortably predict that all challenge participants who read this post will be nodding their heads, much as I am now, in agreement with your words on procrastination.  Whether it be deciding on a colour, thinking figures look too tricky or avoiding a particularly time consuming part of the painting I think we've all been there more times than we care to recall!

That Kairic Acolyte really has seen the benefit though as that tunic looks the business.  I like the orange working with the skin and mask as warmer colours against the blue and scary looking purple blade.  Looking forward to member 2-20 next week.

Those flaming horrors are very nicely done, as you say they'll be a sea of flame on the tabletop rushing towards their enemies.  I'm inclined to score each base as a 28mm figure, so I make that total 55 points - excellent work!

I'm late, I'm late, I'm very, very late!

Feels like I'm this chap this week

Image result for alice in wonderland rabbit

Sometimes work and painting collide in what can only be described as a rather colourful explosion and so this post is up a little later than I had hoped!  ('course, if you're waking up in North American time, you've no idea what I'm on about as there'll be a few posts up by the time you rise from your slumber, but such is the excitement of worldwide time differences!)

Anyway, the Thursday crew have played a blinder this week, with many and diverse offerings for your delectation... so without further ado, I hand you over to them....

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

From AdamC - Irish Warriors and Some Bones (191 points)

Here are the  Irish Warriors by Footsore Miniatures!

 First up Ulf the Quarrelsome A hero of the Viking age in Saga.  Said to be a brother of  Brian Boru who avenged his death.   As a special character I decided to paint an attempt at a Celtic design even though Irish shields were not painted during the dark ages. I'm realy pleased with how the shield looks.

I may use him as a warlord or as an Irish Curaidh or Champion  in Saga.

 Backing Ulf up are 12 Fianna (Hearthguards).  Eight of these fellows are new figures form Footsore providing Fianna with weapons other than Dane Axes.

  All have helmets and about half have chain mail (fairly rare in Ireland during this period) Some have Javelins/Spears with a second weapon for back up.

I gave one a Falchon from my bits box... not a particularly Irish weapon but it was a common sword type through out history.

 The last Four Fianna have been taken form the ranks of the Irish warriors and given an extra weapon from my bits box as a second side arm.

 These guys might provide me with an extra point of Hearthguards if I want them or get mixed in with the regular warriors as "unit leaders."

True Saga doesn't have anything like unit leaders but they would exist even if they don't have a game effect.

Next up we have 24 Irish "Bonnachtsor Warriors these are trained men but with only light equipment a spear, a shield, maybe a long knife or short sword or similar hand weapon as back up, if they are lucky.

 Footsore did some great sculpts with a lot of dynamic movement.

My only complaint is that some of the guys look very similar.  I suppose that's not  bad thing as they come form dark age villages and many of these men are probably related.

 As you can see some don't have much more than their weapons.  I find it odd that any man would choose to go into battle nude but some folks seem to think the Irish did. The sharp eyed will note that even some of the least well dressed have a gold pin or broach for their cloaks or tunic.

My logic here is such items were typically gifts form a man's chieftain or king, marking him as a valued warrior and thus one might be reluctant to trade such an item for a pair of shoes or even a shirt.

Once again I tried to keep most of these men with in a common color palate with medium gray as the base color.  Most of the leather work(belts, pouches and sheaths) is also in a common red-brown color as I assume the region would have only a few tanners.   I did some brighter and more individual colors onto the Fianna and Ulf being "royal" is still more colourful. Even in these cases I wanted to keep things fairly muted.  The Purple heather flowers add some color and help tie the force together.

All in all there are 37 Irish ready for battle. Brian Boru and some additional Irish are still on the table but not quite ready to go just yet. I may try to get some additional photos as I'm not really satisfied with the ones I got here.

Finally we  have this fellow a Werebat or feral vampire great for Frostgrave or any horror related game. I had intended to use him as my "Flight"  entry but I wasn't happy with how it was progressing at the time.

 I'm still not 100% happy with the results I would have liked the wings to look a bit more membranous but we can't have everything and done is better than perfect.  He's standard 28mm figure so 5 Points unless Ray wants to give me something for the terrain base he comes with.   So all in all we have 38 25/28mm figures for 190 points (maybe a little higher if Ray thinks the base of the bat or Ulfs shield are work something extra)  not quite the Irish Points Bomb (200+ I believe is the level)  I was going for but I didn't want to rush the "royal" portion of the army.  This will probably be my biggest entry of the challenge and I am glad to have this army field ready.

From Ray

That's quite a collection Adam, looks like you've been a very busy boy! Although its not the paint bomb you wanted, it's still more than my actual total!
38 x 25mm figures gives you a total of 190 points
And I'll give you an extra point for being so bleedin' cheeky and asking for extra points!

From DaveD: 6mm Soviet Helicopters & Hedgerows (25 Points)

Well after being well and truly floored by a bout of the  "Aussies Flu" that is doing the rounds in the UK  (I suspect all Millsy's doing no doubt) - i am back in production.

Myself and fellow challengers JamesM and MartinC are about to make the Cold War go Hot with our first Team Yankee game this weekend. You have seen my armoured forces last year and the infantry so far this year. I stuck in a an order pre Xmas for some Hind gunships from Heroics and Ros(as i could not find the ones that have been maturing in the lead pile )  and they turned up with enough time to spare before the game.  So here they are.

They have had magnets inserted into the main body to attach them to flight stands. I have made two kind of flight stands both individual and multiple.

6 Hinds - ready to make the Tommies pay!

Comrade Docovich - ready to take on the Capitalist wastrels.- and find some Beatles records!

I also completed some additional hedgerow terrain pieces , made from coffee stirrers and clump foliage , all stuck together with my trusty hot glue gun. 

18 feet of hedgerows added

stacked up in 6x6 , it fill about a quarter so 5 points I reckon.

oh and here is a picture of the game!

Smash the capitalists! 

 Artist : Nena

Song - 99 Red Balloons

From Ray

Welcome back to the Challenge Comrade Docovich! Its about time too! This damn Aussie Flu has knocked me for 6 as well. Although it hasn't really affected my limited painting time, unlike you! Usually you'd be top 5 with 500+ points by now. 
So the question on everyone's lips is, "Can he recover his lost Flu time and get a top 5 finish?"
I have faith in you Comrade!

Great idea using 6mm figures for this project, you get a whole lot more for your money, that's if your eye's last out until the Spring! 
I do like the way you've based them up Comrade, love the see through stick thingy's, what are they and where do you get them from?
And thank you for painting up those luvverly hedgerows, they're a bit of a headache to add the points up for!
I've had a chat with the bosses and we've agreed to award your hedgerows 10 points not the 5 you suggested.
I'm also gonna go out on a limb and add an extra 3 points for the basing of the helicopters. They're that cool!
So you've a grand total of 25 points!

From ScottM - German & French ATG's (50 points)

My contribution for this week is a pair of early World War 2 anti-tank guns, one from the French and one from the Germans. First up is the German Pak 36. This set is from Warlord Games.

The second set is the French 25mm from Crusader Miniatures.

On both sets, besides the usual flock, I stuck a few shell casings, from a pack I picked up from Secret Weapon Miniatures. They're too small for anything of larger calibre, but for these little guns, they work great.

So that should be 2 ATG with 6 crew, all 28mm - 50 points

From Ray

Two excellent looking artillery pieces Scott. Warlord and Crusader do make some excellent figures. I especially like the French, its not a country you see much in WWII, (sorry French people, no pun intended!)
Great idea adding the shell casings, they do add to the overall effect of the base. 
Top work! the 2 x ATG's will earn you 50 points!